Naked Giants zum neuen Video:

“This song came about by reflecting on our experiences as a young touring rock band. There’s a whole whirlwind of stuff going on: a lot of fun, privilege and the opportunity to spread joy and positivity, but also a lot of uncertainty, anxious situations and the ever-present struggle to stay mentally healthy in a world that just doesn’t have time for it. So there grows this dissociation, these two worlds happening at once, one inner and one outer—and they’re always chaotically scrambling around each other.“
“In addition to this, we’d be doing a disservice not to acknowledge that we have so much privilege going into touring; we only see the insidious racism and misogyny of the music industry from afar, and there’s an immense pressure—positive pressure—to use our platform to speak out against this both onstage and with fellow industry folks, even as we figure out how to fight it within ourselves. So all of this wraps up into this song, which attempts to catalog these disparate emotional battles and set it to some bombastic party rock. Because at the end of the day, we make music for people who just want to let loose from their own inner chaos for a little while.“

Das neue Album „The Shadow“ wird am 21 August veröffentlicht. Passend dazu spielt die Band auch direkt am 21. August eine Record Release Live Show aus der „Nectar Lounge“ in Seattle. Tickets für den Livestream bekommt ihr hier!

Fotocredit: Grayson Whitemire

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