The Struts machen gemeinsame Sache mit Robbie Williams! Jetzt erscheint ihre Single „Strange Days“, dem Vorboten auf ihr drittes Album. Zu der ungewöhnlichen Kollaboration kam es während des Lockdowns, als The Struts eine Quaratäne Radio Show initierten und Robbie Williams als Gast einluden.

The Struts: “I was doing Quarantine Radio and Robbie hit me up out of the blue asking if we could talk,” explains Spiller, referring to the Instagram Live show launched by The Struts in the early days of lockdown. “We ended up Face-Timing for about two hours the first time we’d ever spoken, talking about life and music and UFOs and everything else you can think of. I asked if he’d like to work together at some point, and while we were making the album he graciously let us come over and record him singing on his front porch.”
Robbie Williams: “We did a vocal for a wonderful song that has been gifted my way. It’s been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to listen to this man sing. It’s great to be a fan of someone and then a part of this recording. It’s like having a hero here and I genuinely mean that.”

Fotocredit: Sonny Matson

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